Lindsay Lohan’s House Arrest Rules

1 Jun

Lindsay Lohan 24, began serving house arrest last Thursday morning after having turned herself in to a Lynwood jail hours earlier. For the next month or so, the actress  will be under house arrest, confined to her Venice, Calif., townhouse as part of her sentence for her theft conviction, after taking a necklace from a boutique without paying for it.

People Magazine just added an article hilighting the rules Lohan has to follow, most of which are standard for home confinement:


• Leaving home only for medical appointments or to go to the probation department, as long as advance notice is given.

• Visitors can come and go without restrictions.

• Unlimited phone and Internet use.


• Going outside the “interior premises” of the home without prior authorization; that’ll set off her ankle bracelet.

• Going to work-related events outside the home. (Lohan also can’t perform her community service while confined.)

• Tampering with the ankle bracelet, which would sound an alarm to her monitors.

And  she’s staying busy. According to, the maker of the electronic cigarettes Blu Cigs distributed pictures of the actress using its product while reading a script. The company says Lohan “is determined to better her career and her health and has started using Blu Cigs as a deterrent to lighting up.”



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