Patti LaBelle Sued for Airport Attack

10 Jun

R&B legend Patti LaBelle is being sued after her bodyguards attacked a 23 year old male in Houston.

Richard King, 23, who has initiated a lawsuit against LaBelle for the alleged assault, claims the attack occurred at an airport in Houston.
But the bodyguards tell a different account, claiming King was the one who threw the first punch, and he was intoxicated and trying to get into LaBelle’s limo – or so said LaBelle’s bodyguards in a statement to the Houston police.

According to a surveillance tape that was recently released by King’s attorneys, videos show LaBelle exiting the airport terminal, luggage and bodyguards in tow. King is standing outside. LaBelle enters her limo, and a few short seconds later her bodyguards attack King, punching him multiple times and throwing him against a stone pillar. Houston police come over, and King is taken away on a stretcher.

LaBelle thought that King was standing too close to her luggage, and she gave a “command” to her bodyguards to deal with King, according to the lawsuit.

An attorney for Richard King, 23, says he was on the phone with his brother waiting to be picked at Bush International Airport in the March 11 incident when he was viciously attacked by LaBelle’s bodyguards, while he unknowingly stood next to the star’s luggage and limo.

Not only that, but King was a West Point cadet – until he was kicked out, reports KHOU-TV. Reportedly, the school disciplined him after Houston police contacted them after the police investigation, though no criminal charges were filed against King. This happened before the surveillance footage as released.

Now, King will have to serve 18 months on Army deployment before he can re-apply to West Point, according to KHOU-TV.

Even if no criminal charges are filed for the assault and battery against the guards, King can sue them for civil liability. As a result, he may be able to recover damages for the injuries he sustained as a result of the altercation, such as medical bills. And, he might be able to recover some damages if the statements that LaBelle’s bodyguards made to police were untrue since they cost him his position at West Point.

Under the doctrine of respondeat superior, in many circumstances, an employer is responsible for the actions of employees performed within the course of their employment. So, if King prevails in the lawsuit against Patti LaBelle, the attack by the bodyguards may end up costing the singer a pretty penny.

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