Reggaeton Singer Daddy Yankee Sued for $820K

21 Nov

Daddy Yankee is probably best known for his 2004 hit “Gasolina,” which was on heavy rotation in most clubs for awhile.

Although he hasn’t been cranking out the club bangers in the US, he’s still very popular, especially in Latin America. Which is why, according to court documents, concert promoter Diego Hernan De Iraola paid Daddy Yankee $820K for six shows in Argentina. In fact, the shows were so popular he wanted to add another four shows, and pay the reggaeton artist another $480K.

According to BET News, this is where things got confused, according to a lawsuit filed in Florida. A few days before the scheduled tour Yankee asked for the additional money, $480K unfront or else he wouldn’t show. Iraola promised to hand over the money when Daddy Yankee arrived in Argentina.

Two days before the tour Yankee announced that he wasn’t coming, forcing Iraola to cancel all the shows.

This, he claimed, was an intense source of stress causing him high blood pressure, nose bleeds and even caused him to bleed from the eyeballs. So Iraola is asking for the full $820K returned as well as additional compensation for personal and professional damages. No word yet from Daddy Yankee on the situation.

 Source: BET News

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