Actress Pamela Anderson Ends Lawsuit with Real Estate Agent

25 Jan

Pamela Anderson has ended her war with the real estate agent who took her to court over a $22.5 million claim last year. The real estate agent claimed Pamela Anderson screwed him out of several condo sales, a claim that Pamela Anderson denied.

Real Estate Agent Laurence Hallier filed the lawsuit against the former Baywatch actress last June where he claimed Pamela Anderson agreed to promote the sale of several condominiums in the new Panorama Towers where he claimed she would also make various personal appearances but Laurence Hallier said the sexy actress failed to uphold her end of the bargain.

Laurence Hallier claimed that Pamela Anderson cost him millions in lost sales due to her not keeping to the agreement where the real estate agent agreed to give her a free condo for her services. Pamela never got the condo because of the alleged breach of agreement and in response to this; the sexy actress sued him for $1 million.

Now it looks as if both parties are ready to be civil—they might have come to an agreement where they have settled out of court but neither party is willing to confirm what the agreement is and how much the agreement is worth.

One Response to “Actress Pamela Anderson Ends Lawsuit with Real Estate Agent”

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