Whitney Will Leaves Everything to her Daughter Bobbi Kristina

9 Mar

Late R&B singer Whitney Houstons will has been validated by a judge, and now her daughter Bobbi Kristina stands to inherit her mom’s fortune.

Under the terms of the will, Bobbi Kristina is Whitney’s sole beneficiary.

But the will — which was amended in 2000 — provides that if the 19-year-old dies before probate is completed, ex-hubby Bobby Brown and various relatives would split up all of her assets — but she left it up to them to agree on how to split things up.

There is one thing that Whitney didn’t want to put up for grabs — her jewelry. In the event Bobbi Kristina died,  the family jewels would go to her mom Cissy Houston.

Whitney Houston’s net worth has been a topic of discussion and debate since her estate was reportedly in debt at the time of her debt. She apparently borrowed millions of dollars from her record company and from her friend, Clive Davis.

In addition to Brown, Whitney named her mom Cissy, her dad John and her brothers Michael and Gary as beneficiaries.   But her father, John Houston preceded her in death. And she had recently won a lawsuit against her dad’s widow over a piece of real estate.

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