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Usher dismisses ex-wife’s custody claims

2 Jan

TMZ.com is reporting that Usher is firing back at his ex-wife who asked a Georgia court last month for full custody of their two kids.

Usher is insisting he’s a good father who deserves to see his kids, and that he never canceled her Saks 5th Avenue credit card.

The celebrity website reported earlier that Tameka Raymond had asked for full custody, claiming Usher has continually dropped the ball as a parent by, among other things, failing to get her permission to travel with their kids and hiring nannies without her approval.

According to TMZ, Tameka also claimed Usher callously closed her Saks 5th Avenue credit card — and now she can’t take advantage of the “special benefits” the card offers.

But TMZ reports that Usher filed his own response in the ongoing custody battle, asking a judge to reject Tameka’s request for full custody on grounds her allegations are false.

Usher and Raymond share joint physical custody of the kids, according to TMZ.

Raymond has also tried numerous times to get the judge to force Usher to submit to a drug test, according to TMZ. So far, no luck.

A trial date has been set for Feb. 27.

Police say Bieber sexual tryst may be investigated

4 Nov

A woman who claims Justin Bieber fathered her baby in a backstage bathroom could be investigated for having sex with a minor because the singer was 16 at the time.

The Biebster has yet to acknowledge that he is the father or that there was even such an encounter. Melissa Victor, a spokeswoman for Bieber says there is no truth that the singer fathered a baby by a woman who has filed a paternity suit against the teen heartthrob.

Victor said in a statement Wednesday, Nov. 2, that the singer will pursue all legal remedies in response to the allegation. Online court records show Mariah Yeater filed a paternity lawsuit against Bieber on Monday in San Diego Superior Court.

But the entire encounter may be under investigation.

While no crime has been reported, Los Angeles police Commander Andrew Smith said Thursday that the department could investigate after Mariah Yeater filed the paternity suit against the teen heartthrob in San Diego Superior Court, according to The Associated Press.

“If it’s brought to our attention, of course we’ll look into it,” Smith said.

Yeater had just turned 19 when she says she and Bieber, then 16, had a brief sexual encounter after one of the singer’s concerts at Staples Center. She said she gave birth to a boy in July and believes Bieber is the father because there were no other possible men she had sex with at that time.

She is asking a judge for child support and a paternity test. A hearing is scheduled for Dec. 15.

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