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2 Dec

After nearly three months of the marriage, on Wednesday Humphries responded to Kim’s suit for divorce by filing for legal separation and nullity of marriage.

While filling the papers in a California Superior Court, Humphries also checked the “fraud” box along with the “nullity of voidable marriage”. He wrote the date of separation as October 31, just as Kardashian did.

This request of separation was filed in California, the same city in which his wedding took place. Kardashian is telling her close friends that she had never even thought of defrauding Humphries. As per the sources close to Kardashian, Kim was in love with Humphries, but unfortunately their marriage just fell to bits in a very short time.

As far as, Humphries filling of the annulment of the marriage on the basis of fraud was concerned, Kardashian said that the couple had discussed about annulling. However, both were advised that there were no justifiable grounds on which they could file for the annulment. These grounds are necessary to cite as per California law.

Humphries had sated earlier that he would do everything to make the marriage work, but it seems that Humphries didn’t get a positive response for his efforts and has finally decided that enough is enough. A source close to Humphries has revealed that, “He is sensitive to marriage, both emotionally and religiously. He went into it in good faith and never expected things to turn out this way.”

To file for the annulment, Humphries chose famous divorce lawyer Lee Hutton, at the start of this month. Lee is the same lawyer who helped the NBA player in the pre-nup agreement earlier. Kim meanwhile has acquired the services of famed divorce attorney Laura Wasser, who has earlier rendered her services to Britney Spears and Maria Shriver.

In the request Kim has asked the court to reject any attempt by Humphries to get his lawyers’ pay from any sponsor. A few days back, Humphries became the brand ambassador of a new watch company, which he told will also take care of his divorce expenses.

Source: Bettor.com

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