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Floyd Mayweather’s 90 day Jail Sentence Postponed so he can Fight in Las Vegas Boxing Match!!!!

7 Jan

There is good and bad news for boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. won’t have to turn himself in to a Las Vegas jail until June 1, 2012 … so he can fight in Las Vegas on May 5th … the judge just ruled.

Floyd was supposed to turn himself in today to begin his 90-day sentence for beating up his baby mama, Josie Harrisafter pleading guilty to two counts of harrassment and one count of domestic violence — but his attorney had asked the judge to postpone the boxer’s turn-in date to June 1 … to give Floyd time to train for a massive fight on May 5th against an undetermined opponent at the MGM Grand.

His attorney’s justification … Floyd’s a pro who brings in hundreds of millions in profits for the city of Las Vegas — and hey, thing’s get rescheduled all the time … no bigs.

Several of Floyd’s famous friends came to court to support the boxer — including Ray J and Lil Kim who told media on their way out of court, they showed up for Floyd as an act of solidarity.


Floyd Mayweather is not properly licensed to fight in Nevada on May 5 … despite having the judge’s blessing … officials are demanding to speak with Floyd in person before they will allow him to fight.

Keith Kizer, Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, told TMZ that all fighters must apply for a license annually … but fighters with a conviction are sometimes required to plead their case to the commission in person.

Rapper Gucci Mane Loses Bid For Freedom; Hit With Civil Suit

31 Oct

Gucci Mane’s bid to have his jail time reduced was denied by a judge Friday (October 28) in a DeKalb County courthouse.

Gucci is serving a six month sentence for a January incident, in which he allegedly assaulted a woman and pushed her out of a moving car, after she refused his proposition for sex.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Gucci Mane’s attorney attempted to strike a deal with the judge that would have cut the rap star’s six-month sentence in half.

He also offered to perform a benefit concert for the Dekalb County Battered Women’s Shelter.

Gucci, born Radric Davis, was also hit with a civil suit during the proceedings.

(via AllHipHop)

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