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Flavor Flav Arrested in Las Vegas

2 May

Rapper/ Reality Star/ Chicken Shack owner, Flavor Flav found himself behind bars in Las Vegas this past weekend according to TMZ.com

Flav was pulled over for a routine traffic violation wherein and the cop noticed there were multiple warrants out for his arrest.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department,  Flavor Flav, whose legal name is William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. — was pulled over at 10:57 PM on Friday night.

William Jonathan Drayton, Jr's Mugshot, TMZ.com

Police say Flav never took care of 4 separate automobile-related matters — including driving without proof of insurance, a parking violation and two cases of driving without a license.

TMZ is reporting that the rapper was taken to a nearby jail — where he was booked and  eventually released.

Flav rose to prominence as a member of the rap group Public Enemy. His career resurged when he began appearing in Vh1 shows such as The Surreal Life, Strange Love, and Flavor of Love.  In 2011, Flav partnered with Nick Cimino to open Flav’s Fried Chicken in Clinton, Iowa. The restaurant closed down  last month.

This was not the rapper’s first brush with the law.

In 1991, he pled guilty to assaulting his then-girlfriend Karen Ross and he served 30 days in jail, lost custody of his children, and sank deeper into addiction. Two years later, he was charged with attempted murder and imprisoned for 90 days for shooting at his neighbor in 1993.He was later charged with domestic violence, cocaine and marijuana charges;  In 2002, he spent nine weeks in NYC’s  Rikers Island jail for driving with a suspended license, numerous parking tickets and showing up late for appointments with his probation officer.

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