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Celebrity Legal Battle launched over Lady Gaga’s manicures

31 Dec

A COURT fight has broken out over who should be pop star Lady Gaga’s manicurist!

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In court papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Hair Room Service by Michael Duenas – a hair-and-nail service that makes celebrity house calls – accuses one of its manicurists of having stolen Lady Gaga as a client!

The lawsuit says Aya Fukuda signed on as an independent “nail artist” with the service in July 2010, agreeing to pay a 40 per cent commission and that she would not “appropriate any client”.

The company booked her for several appointments with Lady Gaga until June 2011, when Ms Fukuda’s lawyer told the company she wanted out of her deal, the New York Post reports.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/legal-battle-launched-over-lady-gagas-manicures/story-fn9076o9-1226233990137#ixzz1i7VKV49o

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