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Lil Boosie Indicted While Incarcerated for Smuggling Sizzurp into the Prison

20 Jul
Rapper Lil Boosie (Image Courtesy of Getty Images)

So Lil Boosie — the Baton Rouge, Louisiana-raised rapper who is apparently doing his level best to live up to his name — was indicted late last week on charges that he tried to smuggle a drug cocktail known as “sizzurp” into Angola, a Louisiana state prison.

Louisiana State police were tipped off on the latest sizzurp smuggling attempt after receiving information from a “confidential source.” According to his hometown’s newspaper, The Advocate, “that source told authorities on April 9 that Hatch instructed Stewart to mix 1 ounce of codeine syrup with a colored soft drink and deliver the bottle to Franklin, the affidavit states.”

An undercover trooper was later given the codeine-laced sizzurp in a Barq’s Red crème Soda bottle.

This is the second time Lil Boosie has been indicted on such a charge, having previously been charged with conspiracy and three counts of possession with intent to distribute narcotics for attempting to bring illegal drugs into the Dixon Correctional Institute in Jackson.

Boosie, aka Torrence Hatch, is already serving time on an unrelated drug charge and awaiting trial on a first degree murder charge.

Two other men were indicted as well.

What is purple drank or sizzurp?

Purple drank or sizzurp is a recreational drug that is usually made by mixing prescription-strength codeine-based cough syrup with soda or candy.  The promethazine and codeine-based elixir earned its name because of the purplish color from the dye used in most cough syrups.

A number of high profile athletes have been arrested for the possession of purple drank, including the No.1 overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, JaMarcus Russell.

Less than a month after being released by the Oakland Raiders in 2010, Russell was arrested at his home for being in possession of codeine syrup.

Though the grand jury later declined to indict Russell on a charge of possession, the quarterback admitted that he had tested positive for codeine shortly after being selected by the Raiders and rumors persisted that his use of the drug has negatively impacted his play.

Johnny Jolly, a defensive tackle and 6th round pick of the Green Back Packers in 2006, has twice been arrested for possessing codeine without a valid prescription and has been suspended by the league since 2010.

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‘Lil Boosie’ accused of prison smuggling scheme

26 May


Louisiana state police say rapper Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch may do more time in prison as new allegations emerge suggesting he schemed to try to smuggle codeine syrup, commomnly referred to as “sizzurp” into the state penitentiary at Angola.

Lt. Doug Cain says Hatch, who is serving time on an unrelated drug charge and awaiting trial on a murder charge, sought help from two fellow Baton Rouge residents in the alleged scheme. Hatch was booked Wednesday on charges of conspiracy to introduce contraband into a penal institution and inciting a felony.

Last year, Hatch was indicted after he allegedly paid someone to kill a 35-year-old man who was fatally shot in his home through a window, authorities said. He is potentially facing the death penalty as the result of the first-degree murder charge stemming from the shooting death of Terry Boyd amid other pending drug charges. The 28-year old Boosie has entered a plea of not-guilty regarding the murder case. He is also facing possession and distribution charges for marijuana, Ecstasy and codeine. Prosecutors have maintained that the case they’ve built is rife with proof that Hatch hired a hit-man to murder the 35-year old Boyd. Boosie is also suspected in five other murders, police officials say.

“Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz,” debuted at No. 7 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart in 2009.

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