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Singer, Akon Sued Over $51k Construction Bill

21 Feb

Akon, akon with white background, akon shirtlessAkon is up to his neck in $51,000 of construction bills on his Georgia mansion … and he still hasn’t paid up — this according to a new lawsuit filed by a local contracting company.

According to celebrity gossip site, TMZ, Southern Electric filed the lawsuit against Akon in Georgia Superior Court, claiming it completed over $344,000 of work on Akon’s place — electric work, framing, molding — but he refused to pay $51,941 on their final invoice.

According to the legal documents filed, Southern Electric contacted Akon’s mommy last November … not just to tattle, but because his mother was acting as his agent in the deal … but still, S.E. has not received a dime.

They’re now suing for breach of contract for the amount allegedly owed, plus interest.

FYI — Akon’s Georgia palace is a two-story four-bedroom, eight-bath model that he reportedly paid 1.65 million dollars for.

Kobe Bryant’s Wife Wins Big In Divorce Settlement; Gets $18.8 Million in Property

21 Jan

NBA star Kobe Bryant is use to winning big, but this time round in his life, its his soon to be ex-wife Vanessa who is the big winner, as she cleaned up really nice in her divorce settlement to the NBA star.

According to reports, Vanessa has received three mansions and 75 million in her divorce settlement to Kobe, even for a rich man this has got to hurt…

Kobe Bryant’s divorce from his wife Vanessa has not be finalized, but Orange County property records show the couple is beginning to distribute their assets.

Three mansions in Newport Beach‘s upscale Newport Coast community have recently placed in Vanessa Bryant’s name.

The three properties have a total value of $18.8 million, according to property records on file at the Orange County Clerk-Recorders Office in Santa Ana, California.

Neither of the attorneys representing the couple was available for comment Friday.

Vanessa Bryant filed a divorce petition in Orange County Superior Court in December, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The couple released a joint statement then saying that they had “resolved all issues incident to their divorce privately.”

The couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, Vanessa Bryant’s mother previously told a Times reporter. If true, she would be entitled to half of their community property.

Kobe Bryant’s estimated net worth is ranked at $150 million, so losing $75 million is a sure dent in his pocket.

Read more: http://juicytings.com/infidelity/vanessa-gets-it-all-right-in-divorce-settlement-to-kobe-bryant/#ixzz1k7835qTr

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