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Ryan Seacrest’s Legal Drama… sued over new reality TV

21 Nov

According to the Contra Costa Times, media mogul Ryan Seacrest is being sued over his upcoming reality show “Shahs of Sunset,” which follows a group of young Islamic Persian-Americans living in Los Angeles.

Entertainment Weekly says show participant Kathy Salem filed suit Thursday against Seacrest and his production company, Bravo TV. She alleges production staffers misrepresented themselves, showed her only parts of the TV release waiver she signed, and defrauded her. She also claims she was “verbally abused and physically assaulted” at a party filmed for the series, during which, she says, “someone tried to strip (her) top off and another cast member by the name of Reza threw a cup of water in (her) face.”

Salem alleges the defendants’ actions “exceeded all bounds of decency and was outrageous, intentional, malicious, and done for the purpose of causing (Salem) to suffer extreme and severe emotional distress,” which has affected her physical health.

Salem wants an injunction against airing all footage featuring her and at least $100,000 in damages, plus legal fees. She also wants Seacrest to get her the next Kardashian grandchild, which kind of sounds like a tough sell.

Seacrest’s reps have not commented on the suit. “Shahs of Sunset” is scheduled to premiere in February 2012.

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