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Snookie Personal Injury Claim Looming?

31 May

Will Snookie Sue?

Snookie was seen today in a neckbrace. Italian law is different than in the United States.  The Italian judicial system is based on  Roman law modified by Napoleonic Codes. Under this system,  Snookie could recover for her injuries if the other driver (Florence Police) were at fault in causing the accident.

But Polizzi might not want to walk around with a poofy neckbrace for that long.  The average length of a civil case pending before a trial court in Italy is more than three and a half years.

Snookie Jailed in Italy?

31 May

KIKA Press/ Pacific Coast News

MTV’s favorite screw-up , Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi, was NOT arrested in Italy yesterday but she WAS taken into custody in Italy after she crashed a car she was driving into an Italian Police Patrol car.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and pal Nicole “Deena” Cortese were cruising around in a Fiat Multipla during the evening rush hour in Florence, Italy while filming for the fourth season of MTV’s hit reality series, Jersey Shore.

Production crew members were seated in the back when the accident happened, authorities said.

Members of MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” from left; Jenni Farley, Nicole “Deena” Cortese, Ronnie Ortiz Magro, Mike Sorrentino, Pauly D Del Vecchio, Nicole Polizzi, Sammi Gianicola, Vinny Guadagnino, pose for photographers outside the Tower of Pagliazza, in Florence, Italy.

Snooki was taken into custody on Monday and questioned by Italian law enforcement officials. MTV said no alcohol was involved and no one was arrested, reports AP.

According to the NY Post, driving in Florence has been an ongoing problem for the cast members, who had racked up more than $400 in traffic fines there even before last night’s crash.

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