Top Ten Celebrity Mug Shots of 2011

1 Jan

As we take in the last few hours of 2011, lets take a look back at all the celebrity arrests and the year’s most infamous celebrity mugshots.

Top Celebrity Mug Shots of 2011

#10 – Andy Dick

andy dick mugshot, andy dick mug shot, andy dick arrest photo, celebrity mug shots

Comedian Andy Dick was arrested in May 2011 on a disorderly conduct charge. Dick, 45, was nabbed in Temecula, California on the misdemeanor count. He was taken to a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department jail where he posed for the above mug shot before posting $500 bail.

#9 – Mel Gibson

mel ibson mug, mel gibson arrest photo, mel gibson mugshot

Mel Gibson posed for the above El Segundo Police Department mug shot in March 2011 following a misdemeanor battery conviction. The Hollywood star pleaded no contest to the charge that resulted from a fight with his former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. Gibson, 55, was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to complete a one-year domestic-violence counseling program as well as undergo mental health counseling.

#8 – Snooki

snooki musgshot, snookie mug shot, snooki arrest photos

Though her mug shot was not technically taken in 2011, we’re including it because we didn’t get ahold of  them until earlier this year and cuz they’re just plain funny! Snooki (real name: Nicole Polizzi) was arrested in July 2010 for disorderly conduct. The 22-year-old star of the MTV show “Jersey Shore” was booked into a Seaside Heights jail, where she posed for these mug shots.

#7 – Flo Rida

florida mugshot, flo rida mug shot, celebrity mug shots

Rapper Flo Rida was arrested  for DUI after police officers in Miami spotted his car driving erratically about 3:45 a.m. on June 6, 2011. The report says the rapper, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, failed a field sobriety test. It also says he blew twice the legal limit to drive into a device to measure his blood-alcohol level, had bloodshot, watery eyes, and slurred speech.

#6 – Soulja Boy

soulja boy mug shot, soulja boy mugshot, celebrity mugshots, rapper mugshots, soulja boy arrest picture

Rapper Soulja Boy (who’s real name is DeAndre Way) and four others were arrested on drug and weapons charges after police stopped the rapper’s rented Cadillac Escalade in Temple, Georgia on Interstate 20 for a broken tail light in October of 2011. Police discovered $46,000 cash, three guns and more than 5 oz. of marijuana in the rented vehicle.

#5 – Gucci Mane

gucci mane mugshot, rapper mugshots, celebrity mug shots

Rapper Gucci Mane is currently serving a six month prison sentence for a January incident, in which he allegedly assaulted a woman and pushed her out of a moving car, after she refused his proposition for sex.

#4 – Big Boi

The Atlanta-based  Outkast rapper Big Boi, whose real name is Antwan Patton, was arrested in Miami after leaving a cruise ship in August 2011. Authorities accused him of having drugs including ecstasy and MDMA powder, according to an arrest report.

#3 – Wiz Khalifa

wiz khalifa mugshot,  celebrity arrests

The “Black and Yellow” MC, Wiz Khalifa, was released from jail following his arrest where authorities seized 60 grams of marijuana from him. The incident took place on Monday night, when the local authorities suspected that cannabis smoke was being emitted from his tour bus, and eventually they had to stop him for questioning and search. According to the reports, Wiz had performed a sold out show at the East Carolina University, in front of crowd 1500 students from the university.

#2 – Amber Portwood

The Teen Mom star was facing three felony charges–two counts of domestic battery and one count of neglect of a dependent, along with one misdemeanor charge of domestic battery after an episode aired showing her slapping, choking and kicking the then-24-year-old father of her daughter. Television viewers watched in horror as she was filmed striking ex Gary Shirley, 24 , in front of their two-year-old.

#1 – Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan mug shot

It should come as no surprise  that Lindsay Lohan would be CeLAWbrity’s top celebrity mug shot of 2011. Lohan was arrested in October of 2011 on a probation violation. 

Check out her mugshots from her many arrests over the years (2007-2011)!

Hopefully this will be her last….


Happy New Year !!!


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