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75 former NFL players suing League for Concealing Concussion Risks!!!

20 Jul

With the lockout nearly over, more legal news: Seventy-five former NFL players have filed a lawsuit against the league,  claiming it intentionally hid the effects of concussions for 90 years, according  to AOL.

Two NFL player collide, hitting their heads. The NFL is being sued for concealing information about the risks to its players of these concussions.

The lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court, claims: “The NFL knew as early as the 1920’s of the harmful effects on a player’s  brain of concussions; however, until June of 2010 they concealed these facts  from coaches, trainers, players and the public.”

Some of the more notable  players include former Dolphins wide receiver Mark Duper and New York Giants  running backs Rodney Hampton and Ottis Anderson.

The players claim they suffered concussions, and that  in 2004, despite knowing the harful effects of these head injuries, the NFL  issued a report that said there was “no evidence of worsening injury  or chronic cumulative effects” from multiple concussions.

According to AOL, they are seeking unspecified damages.

Read more: http://aol.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2011-07-19/report-75-former-nfl-players-sue-nfl-for-concealing-concussion-risks#ixzz1SekTDwjw


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